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Top 5 Features of The New Gutenberg Plugin 

Gutenberg is the default content editor of WordPress using which you can create beautiful pages. This editor offers you a bunch of features to insert different types of content in your layout such as images, videos, tables, text, links and many more. But the thing is you can add each content type using blocks only, and that’s why it is also called Block Editor.

While it is a part of the WordPress application, there is no doubt that it plays a key role in making WordPress quite useful. But do you know that Gutenberg is also available as a separate plugin? Yes, actually it is more enhanced than what you see within WordPress. What’s also nice is that the Gutenberg plugin is updated more frequently than the WordPress editor. That clearly means, you can leverage more and better features in the Gutenberg plugin than what you may find in WordPress editor.

In this blog, we will take a deeper look at some of the outstanding features of the Gutenberg plugin that has been added recently. But before you dig deeper, I would like to let you know about our customer-driven web design company in Los Angeles - SFWP Experts. We offer a number of traffic-oriented services to clients around the world including WordPress web design, web development, website optimization, copywriting, and online marketing.

With that complete, let’s turn to newer features of the Gutenberg plugin:

5 New Features To Use In The Gutenberg Plugin


1. Block Manager  

This feature allows you to decide what blocks you want to have in your content editor and what not. You can easily add the blocks that you need and remove ones that don’t. Now you may be trying to think about the situation when you need to do so, right? We tell you a few:

  • Many plugins in the WordPress repository comprise a handful of blocks. And when you install and activate such plugins on your site, all their blocks will be added to your block editor. This is like you need one pastry and you get over a dozen.
  • Having more blocks than what you need could affect your usability of the content editor. Let’s say you need a table block to add some data to your content. Now in order to find one block you will have to search through a heap of blocks that are added by other plugins. This makes the navigation a bit difficult, and also affects the efficiency.

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2. Cover Block With Nesting Elements

The cover block refers to a particular block that allows you to add a title over the background image on your website. This type of block is mostly used to create a hero header for your site that engages your website visitors. What’s new in the cover block is a bunch of inner elements that will allow you to make your image more conversion-oriented. You can add a few elements such as headings and buttons to create captivating CTAs and generate leads. Not just that, you can also make changes to those elements such as making the heading bold, or changing the color of the background.

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3. Block Grouping

Block Grouping basically means grouping a lot of blocks together according to your needs. When you do this, all the blocks will move together when you will move it in different areas of the page.

And then there is block nesting that allows you to place blocks inside other blocks. And let me tell you that there is no limit of how much deep you can go while putting the blocks inside other blocks. The Block nesting feature usually comes in handy when you have to add columns in the layout that includes other types of block like video, images, text and others.

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4. Widget Migration In The Block Format

While you may be knowing that there were multiple ways earlier to add different types of content to a page, things have been changed a lot now. You will see now that the blocks have merged all of those methods into a single one. Several widgets that are created for different purposes are now converted into the block format.

For example, the “Latest Posts” widget is recently turned into a block that allows you to see the real-time preview of the changes you make to your layout. That includes anything such as resetting the text to display, showing the date of the post, or displaying a small extract from your post.

5. Motion Animation

Earlier when we needed to move the blocks up or down the page, the transition didn’t happen smoothly. Even sometimes you can’t understand how blocks are rearranged and that would give birth to some sort of confusion.

But you won’t be able to experience the same problem in the latest version of Gutenberg editor. Because now it has a motion animation feature that shows a realistic movement of the block changes. For instance, when you create or remove a block, it will show you a visual interpretation of the actions that have been taken.

What’s more interesting is that this whole idea of motion animation can be used throughout the Gutenberg editor to show off the changes made by you. This will not only help in enhancing the user experience but also provide better accessibility of the functions.

Last Thoughts On The Powerful Features of The Gutenberg Plugin

There is no doubt about the fact that WordPress offers limitless possibilities to nicely, create, organize, and publish your content. It’s the latest version of the Gutenberg editor that makes the experience a lot better. However, it’s not that you should use the Gutenberg editor only because it has got plenty of attractive features but it is enhancing the experience of content creation with each new release. In short, the WordPres editor is getting better and better with time. So, if you are thinking about giving a new look to your homepage or any other web page, the Gutenberg plugin is one of the best tools in the market to take in use.

Do you have any questions about the various features of the Gutenberg plugin? Leave your queries in the comments section below! In addition to this, if you want to take some sort of professional help to improve your site or boost your sales, approach our reputed Wordpress website design company at earliest. We can help you out if you need services like professional web design, web development, website support and maintenance, social media management, internet marketing and many more. Remember, if you are looking for a trusted IT service provider in the US, SFWP Experts is the top choice.

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