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5 Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin To Use In 2020

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Looking for the best lead generation plugin for your WordPress website in 2020? If so, then you have landed on the right article where we are going to list some of the best and popular lead generation plugins that you can integrate and activate in your wordpress website within few clicks.

Lead generating is considered one of the important aspects of all types of businesses. Without lead, it becomes difficult for businesses to interact with their potential customers and convert them into paying customers. Whether you are using a custom-coded website or a WordPress website without leads it will become impossible to explore and discover new business opportunities.

Whenever you start an agency or any kind of business first and foremost thing you need is leads to get started. Because it’s not compulsory that people who visit your website will perform the desired action. Once they leave without performing any action then they are probably gone and never going to come back.

Getting their detail will help you to contact them through email and appeal them with a convincing reason why they should come back on your website. The best way to get your site visitor as well as potential customer contact details are through the lead generation process. WordPress comes with a bunch of lead generation that helps wordpress websites to grab more leads and keep track of their potential leads.

In this article, we are going to highlight some of the best WordPress lead generation plugin that you can use in your WordPress website to drive more sales and conversion.

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5 Best Lead Generation Plugins To Use In 2020

1. OptinMonster

When it comes to selecting the best lead generation plugin for a website “OptiMosnster” name always comes on the top. Optimonster is considered as one of the most powerful and th best solution for lead generation. Using OptinMonster you can create the best attention-grabbing opt-in forms that can engage your visitors and encourage them to take action.

Its key features include:

  • Smart Abandonment Recovery: OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent® technology can boost conversions as much as 4% by engaging visitors the precise moment they plan to leave your website.
  • Page-Level Targeting: Want to create targeted email campaigns that appeal to specific segments of your visitors? Page-level targeting does just that by presenting those visitors with custom-tailored opt-in forms based on how they respond to your website.
  • A/B Testing: Tired of trying to guess which of your methods are working and which are driving away potential customers? OptinMonster’s A/B testing allows you to make informed decisions about your lead generation initiatives by assessing the performance of two campaigns side by side.

Best of all, this WordPress lead-magnet plugin is powerful, easy to use, and integrates with popular email marketing tools like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and GetResponse to name a few. This makes OptinMonster the ideal solution for growing email lists and turning visitors into loyal customers. Read more on

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