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Why Use Visual Composer to Create WordPress Websites?

What do you think is the most visual segment of your website? The website pages of course. Website pages cover the majority of your content & information structure. From articles to advertisements, from texts to informative podcasts, everything resides on the website pages, obviously in parts. In fact, that’s why the designers have come up with solutions like Pagination for the end-users. Visual Composer is another website building solution that facilitates your web page creation goals efficiently. It comes with many notable features that encourage you to create considerable website pages with so much ease.

You can find many other page builder tools & plugins on WordPress Library and it’s essential for you to approach such instruments as they help save a lot of time & effort creating a website that fulfills your business goals. You need to focus on other aspects of your business, your product & services development objectives. If you’re not into mainstream website design & development operations don’t try to push yourself deeper. You can still build & maintain your online presence.

In this post, we essentially want to address another powerful technique that you can use to build & optimize your website pages with immense ease. Visual Composer is a considerable web page builder tool that makes website & content creation super fun & time favorable for you. You don’t even realize that you’re undergoing a deeply technical operation.

The implementation of such online tools & techniques is essential for your internet upbringing. You won’t find any company from any part of the world without a website these days. Except for certain local businesses that belong to extremely backward regions. Even local businesses are getting aware of the Google My Business listing. At SFWP Experts you can find even more reinforced solutions to your website building issues. Based in San Francisco, our company has come up with the best Custom Coded WordPress Web Designing results so far!

About Visual Cpoomser Website Builder

The main USP of this popular website building tool is its simple yet effective drag & drop editor support. Drag & drop means you can simply control & place your favorite elements wherever you want with just a click. As such, the tool brings a rational & natural aura to your designing operations. You can already figure out the results you’re just going to bring upon. The page builder covers everything you shouldn’t miss amid creating your web page layouts:

  • Intuitive page building approach

  • Modifications in Visual Hierarchy

  • Visual Content Management & Control

  • Avoids hand-coding for website theme items

  • Optimizing web page content for better performance

So it is generally inclined toward your website content strategy & helps you create an influence out of your information structure. Your website visitors are going to be your major companions in the future so you can’t compromise on the UX your website content is capable of delivering. For added guidance regarding your website UI & UX, reach out to SFWP Experts. Here we often direct budding business leaders like you over Custom Coded WordPress Designing & Development practices that are going to influence your target audience in the future!

Revolutionary Feature on Visual Composer

The Visual Composer Website Builder is essentially marked by the innovative features it delivers to fresher & experienced designers & webmasters. These features make web page designing & optimization so easy that you can think peacefully over your creative insights. The tool encourages you to be more artistic & less technical so that you can decide on what allures your target audience exceptionally. You won’t interpret this suitably until exploring these features in-depth. Here is the detailed overview of the same:


1. Live Preview Editing

Why not start with the visual itself. A live preview of your web page operations helps you avoid mistakes to be reviewed in the future. It consistently suggests how your website page is going to appear. As such you can make all essential decisions related to your content structure & layout right before publishing. Moreover, the drag & drop feature helps you execute your tasks & operations faster than usual. It has got so many ready to imply content components that provide designing freedom like never before.


2. Tree View Editing

Tree view editing is another amazing feature associated with the tool. It helps you get an overall view of varied components on your web page & then initiate your designing strategy. It assists you to navigate through your page so that the overall designing process could get easier & free from further complications. The technique is also accompanied by traditional frontend editor support that doesn’t let you navigate through your web page components & helps you improve your skills for better output.


3. Themes Support

So how many WordPress Themes our Visual Composer Website Builder is going to support? One, two, or three? Surprisingly Visual Composer lets you proceed with any WordPress Theme you like. Either you can choose from your WordPress Dashboard or an external source. The theme must be developed especially for WordPress. Moreover, you can also integrate your Visual Composer Setup with your existing themes.


4. Web Page Responsiveness

Fortunately, the Visual Composer Page Builder provides for the contemporary designing standards as well. With this amazing page builder, you don’t need to worry about mobile responsiveness whether served or not by your web page. The templates & web page layout elements available to you are already responsive as per varied devices & screen resolutions enjoyed by your leading users & target audience. Additionally, the tool allows you to adjust your mobile responsiveness as per your requirement & your content components.


5. Top, Bottom & Side Editing

The header, footer & side space of your web page, whether exhibited on desktop or mobile can accommodate essential navigation structures. So you shouldn’t ignore these segments while designing your web page layouts. Visual Composer Page Builder welcomes the WordPress Theme you like to create your website with. Therefore, you can conduct easy editing without performing a single editing operation over your web page headers, footers & sidebars. The Visual Editor makes it completely easy & functional for you.


6. Templates

If you’re not happy with specified web page layouts provided by your WordPress Theme you’ve got a separate page building template support from Visual Composer. You get page editing ideas for multiple categories of websites. Visual Composer offers more than 300 templates on premium & free subscriptions as well. Just install on your WordPress Dashboard & you’re good to go. You can choose different template ideas for different web pages on your website.


7. Content Elements

Website content is the most influential portion of the website. Content could be in the form of text, videos, podcasts, infographics, visuals, GIFs, etc. As such you might need to recreate your web page layout & appearance. Visual Composer is the solution. It offers varied content optimization elements like- Dynamic Content (to replace with static content on your site), Advanced Content Elements, Content Editing Elements, etc for better outcome of your page building goals.

Apart from these, you can enjoy Row Layouts, Drag & Drop Editor, Theme Building, Designing Options, Popup Builders & other amazing features on this amazing WordPress page building platform!


We hope this article succeeds to suggest an all-new way of your web page editing that’s faster & convenient as per your website building vision. The best way to improve on your web designing & development operations is to go through a source of information & inspiration as knowledge could enhance your output & confidence exceptionally.

SFWP Experts welcome you to share your views & ideas concerned with another important aspect of WordPress Designing. We’re a team of Custom WordPress Website Designing Professionals looking to assist revolutionary business leaders like you. Share your thoughts!!

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