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What Typefaces Should I Select? 6 Principles for Choosing Typefaces: SFWPExperts

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Have you selected your website typefaces or fonts so far? If not then we suggest you go for the same and improve your website appearance right away. Website fonts can say different stories about your online business and generate a separate fanbase for the same. When you choose fonts for your website you create an ecosystem for user engagement. The fonts give them a reason to explore various web pages and components on your website. They could differentiate between various elements on your website easily.

Before you know how to choose a website font you should specify your business type. For instance, you shouldn’t go for a dark gothic font to represent a wedding photography website. Using an open-source CMS like WordPress you can decide on multiple fonts and even create your own family of fonts to represent your website. In this post, we’ll suggest to you various web design principles you need to follow while deciding on the website fonts so that your website appearance improves over time.

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