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What Is WordPress Block Pattern And How It Differs From Reusable Blocks (With Use Cases Examples)

WordPress 5.5 has been around us for quite some time and carries out a variety of our important tasks. With WordPress, you can do a number of things such as web design and development, content creation and management, and site monitoring and enhancement. That’s not all, if you install themes and plugins, it will open a whole world of opportunities for you. But we won’t be going that much deeper in this article and solely focus on content creation and editing process.

Now when I say content creation and editing, the first thing that would have come to your mind is Gutenberg Block Editor. Because this is one of the best features of WordPress that helps you build impressive pages. Once you know how it works, you can easily create amazing layouts with a wide range of blocks that it offers. That’s not all, you can also use WordPress block patterns to get your job done quickly and making lesser efforts.

Of course, now you will ask what WordPress block pattern is, how it works, and how to benefit from them. I’ll tell you everything about WordPress Block patterns as well as reusable blocks in a bit. Before that, I would like you to quickly familiarize with our web design company in Los Angeles that caters to clients needing web design, web development, and SEO services. So, if you are all set to launch an WooCommerce site, corporate site, or blog site, make sure to make SFWPExperts your project partner.

With that out of the way, now let’s get back to the main topic in this content:

What Is WordPress Block Pattern?

In layman’s language, WordPress Block Pattern is a pre-arranged collection of blocks that you can use to create stunning designs. Since block pattern provides you a large number of blocks in one place, you are saved from searching and using the blocks every time you need it. It doesn’t only prevent you from putting in a lot of efforts but saves your time as well.

What also helps to suit your usefulness is the ability to edit these blocks once you import them. Let’s say, you want to import a two-column block pattern layout to write a piece of content. Once you have done that, you will have to just add your own text and it’s done.

Do you know what’s the best thing about these block patterns? The theme and plugin developers can add their own block patterns in the Block editor that can be useful at times.

If I explain this to you with an example, assume that you want to collect donations for running your WordPress website. For that purpose, you install and activate a WordPress donation plugin on your site. Chances are your WordPress plugin will add its own block pattern so that you can create your own page for fundraising. In that case, you will need to just import the block pattern and then you can carry out the customization work to suit your needs.

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What’s The Difference Between WordPress Block Pattern And Reusable Blocks?

There are very solid differences between WordPress block patterns and reusable blocks. Don’t panic! It’s not that complicated as you might be thinking.

Reusable blocks are the blocks that you create specifically for your CTAs, opt-in, and other components. Since Gutenberg allows you to save the specific blocks you create, it can be used time and again whenever you need it. For example, you have created a reusable block for the opt-in that you have added to all of your posts.

Now, if someday you want to edit them, the change will update to every blog post where you have added that reusable block. This is how reusable blocks work and it’s quite easy to use. Another good thing is that the WordPress editor also allows you to turn your reusable blocks into regular blocks. Isn’t it a great feature that was much needed?

On the other side of the spectrum, Block patterns can be created when you are creating unique content for your site. It is just like a regular block and the same block pattern can’t be used in different places. Once you have inserted a particular block pattern in a post, any changes that you will make to it will limit to that post only, not others. There is no way of making changes to multiple posts in one time just like you can do in the case of reusable blocks.

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With that covered, now it’s time to see the use cases examples for WordPress block patterns.

A Few Use Cases Examples For WordPress Block Patterns 

I believe now you have understood well what WordPress block pattern is and how it works. Then, let’s talk about how you can use block patterns on your site.


Here are a few examples you should look at:

  • You can create block patterns for the top section of your blog site such as title, cover image,and many more
  • Even you can create a block pattern for the summary box that includes the short description about your blog post
  • If you publish guest posts on your site, you can create a block pattern to add bylines for the writers.
  • And many more that you can think of

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Final Thoughts On WordPress Block Pattern

So, there you have it! You got to know what the WordPress block pattern is, what it is used for, and how it is different from reusable blocks. Having this knowledge will make it easy for you to create and use various blocks while creating your content. Remember, if you want to use the same block again and again that you have created to use in different places, it’s good to create reusable blocks. But, if you want to create a specific design for just a single post, you should create a block pattern for that purpose. As soon as you start using block patterns and reusable blocks frequently, you will find that there are multiple designs you can create using just a little creativity.

Do you have any questions about the WordPress block pattern or how to use them? Ask away in the comments section added below!. Aside from that, if you need some sort of website design or development services, you can also approach our Los Angeles web design company without looking any further. Our company SFWPExperts have specialized expertise in some of the highly demanded services like WordPress web design, web development, website maintenance, search engine optimization, content writing, online marketing, and a whole lot more.

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