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Web applications are a complementary platform for your online presence with respect to your website. Mobile phones cover considerable online traffic for your website these days. If you have an application associated with your website you have to work on its improvement over time. The designing duties & responsibilities are important in this context. Website UX also plays an important role in suggesting to you what you need to do with your mobile applications. You need to understand the layout of your website & come up with corresponding solutions about the same. The way you frame your website design has to cope up with what you want to do to your website app. You have to establish a corresponding connection between the two.

Additionally, you also have to understand your audience. You’re supposed to attract your mobile audience the same way you used to on your website. Your web application can work as a reminder for your existing users. And, in this way, they could connect themselves to your online offers, products, services & information again. They easily switch to your web applications. But there are certain things your website & app designers need to remember. Or else, as the webmaster you can share your pre-requisites about your website & app design.

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