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How to Design a Long Scroll Website for Your Business?- SFWPExperts

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Do you want to create a long scroll website to promote user engagement? When users visit your website for the first time, they need a fine reason to stay on your website for longer. They want to explore your website content for more information and a long scroll design helps them do so. A long scroll design keeps the user scrolling for more information on your website content. Moreover, a long scroll strategy can help you enhance your website traffic and engagement exceptionally if you have an eCommerce website.


Designing such a website doesn’t mean you just need to add more and more information to your web pages. No matter how long web page scrolling you offer the visitors, they will leave the web page after a specific period. They want to review some other web pages or even review other websites for their queries and doubts. Therefore, you also have to help them reach the top of the web pages or provide a scroll bar to go back to your web page or landing page.



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