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What Could Be The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Custom eCommerce Website?  

E-commerce business
In contrast to a template made website, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a custom eCommerce website?

In the e-commerce business, custom or hosted are the two choices for establishing an internet store. For easy usability and set up process, you can go with hosted sites. The only thing you have to do is choosing a pre-made template and a shopping cart. However, there would be limitations for the design and storefront. If more flexibility and scalability are what you are after, a custom eCommerce website would be the best pick. You will have to keep your eCommerce goals in mind when you are about to choose between these two types of sites.

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What are the factors that you need to consider?

– Short term goals with the long term one
– Budget you could afford
– Amount of traffic that you are expecting
– Numbers of sales that you expect
- For how much time you want to keep the same site before creating the newer
You should consider a custom solution unless e-commerce is a new field for you and don’t have money to start for giving out to a programmer.

What advantages a Custom Ecommerce Website has?
- You own this type of website. While a pre-made template on a hosted website might be used by many other online stores, your custom site could stand out among the competition since the design has been created for specifically you. And, when your business evolves with time, it would be easier to change. In the case of a hosted website, the template is locked down typically in certain codes for which the modification can not be performed to the same extent.
- What does a custom solution means is, it is free of limitations for how do you set up your store as well as a shopping cart. To get maximum return on investment, you can set up your site in a particular way while working with designers and marketing specialists.
- Let your wanted products display on any page. Give the customers reaching out to your site a unique shopping experience. For making sure everything seems most user-friendly as possible, you will have to modify the functionality of the search feature and checkout process.
- However, a pre-made site won’t allow you to deliver the kind of user experience you want to.
- Another advantage of a custom eCommerce site is its mobile compatibility feature. Set your store up in such a manner that it gets open in any device with internet access, any browser, any PC. To work on mobile devices, some of the generic templates are made but there is no guarantee to it when or when not they will load and run smoothly. Since you can’t modify a generic pre-made template, if your customers complain about not fast loading of your internet store on their devices, you would have no choice to do something. But this is not the condition with a custom template that you own and getting full access to.
- Huge amount of thanks to the unique design and SEO capabilities of a custom template as with it you will be having better branding potential. On which keywords you want to optimize each page of your site, that you can decide by choosing to have a custom e-commerce website. Since you can always try new keywords to optimize the pages for, you can change it too whenever necessary.

What disadvantages a Custom Ecommerce Website has?
The custom solution is not relevant for every business. If you have arrived as brand new in the eCommerce field, not having experience for how to create or run a website, it might be better to go on with the generic template and hosted store.
You can look up at a few reasons here for why a custom store is not the right selection for you just yet:

- Since it involves the more programming tasks, your budget may not be adequate for the initial investment.

- Although some limitations are attached to it, a wide variety of templates are available with it either. To meet your needs as of now, a generic site may be enough if your business model is what others have in similar.

If a pre-made template is the choice you would go with to start, still you can have a custom eCommerce website at the later stage whenever your company grows in the future.
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