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How To Choose The Best E-Commerce Platform?

The Best E-Commerce Platform

How to open an online store?

Do you have a plan to open an online store? Or, already having one and wanting to find the use of another new e-commerce platform? Online business owners have one of the most important things to do in common is finding the best e-commerce platform. Many are available there to choose from and many in them do offer some of the great benefits and features as well. SFWPExperts can assist you by providing the right platform based on your ecommerce website needs.

However, you must have to decide which out of them will suit for best for your company and its needs.

Considering some of the factors includes:

1 What do you have to sell:

While some platforms have physical products design to handle, others are designed for digital products or services handling. If you are involved in physical products sell, you will have to find a platform offering an inventory tracking service. Also, how many options do each of the products have regarding color, size, etc….? For the products that you are planning to sell, use a platform able to handle your specific needs.

2 Integration ease with your tools:

If you already use email marketing, accounting and referral marketing tools, you would want an e-commerce solution allowing you the integration of your preferred tools with the platform. Your current usable services might recommend a specific e-commerce solution.

3 Options for design:

Which one you want to use - a pre-built theme or your own design? You will need to choose a platform for easy upload and scratch-made layout when you want to use your own design. But, if you want to use a pre-built theme look portfolios on different platforms and see which one is offering the theme type you are looking forward to.

4 Hosting requirements:

Hosting plan is another thing you need to decide carefully. Many start-up businesses choose to get hosted their new stores by a reliable platform because of the features it offers like shopping cart and secure checkout process that have implementation easement. If you want to go with your own hosting, provided by another company, you will find that some platforms are compiled with the third-party vendors.

Top e-commerce platforms with reliance:

Now when you know what you have to look for, you might consider some of the top platforms below:

1 Magento -

Leading currently at a global level, Magento and eBay are allianced. By its offering of multiple customization options, it’s easy to market specific products within certain user segments.

2 Shopify -

On this platform, you can choose among some great pre-designed templates that make the process of store development quite simple. Personalization tasks are allowed by Shopify even with the pre-designed elements. To handle the payments and shipping process you don’t need to add any of the third-party systems.

3 osCommerce -

Recognized as a dynamic e-commerce solution, osCommerce has a powerful CMS that can be tweaked for matching your business requirements. Technologies like PHP and MySQL also powers it and integration with other CRM, CMS, and third-party apps is allowed if you have got a requirement.

4 WooCommerce -

With this platform, the creation of marketing campaigns and the implementation of promotional activities are what you can do to enhance your business. The most widely used WordPress plugins for e-commerce carries the name of WooCommerce. It is supported by a feature called a powerful inventory system, allows you to keep product stock in real-time.

If you’re still in need of the best e-commerce platform, there are some other solutions to try as BigCommerce, OpenCart, Selz, Prestashop, and InfusionSoft.

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